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CVS, Demo and a Bug

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

I have committed the code for my first version of the report/stats plug-in to the Moodle cvs (in the contrib module). You can brows the contrib cvs files here or you can download a copy of the nightly build of the stats report at

There is also a public demo online located at You can login as a guest, go to a course, click grades in the lower left hand menu and then select stats report in the drop down menu at the top left to see the stats report. You may also create an account and sing up as a student to see how tasking some of the tests effects the stats report.

My latest development efforts where slowed down some what due to a new bug creeping in to some of the core Moodle 2.0 code and everything breaking for me once i updated to the latest version threw cvs. Lucky i was able to report the bug and submit a patch to fix it and it was added to the cvs so everything is back to working. You can find out more about the bug at It was not much of a patch (just changed one line) but it is kind of cool seeing your bug report and patch get in to an open source project.

For up to date information on the project including cvs commit messages you can view the tracker issues and sub issues set up for it at: (report/stats sub task here).