CVS: CONTRIB-497 + CONTRIB-496 24/July/08

I have updated the test site with the new visualization!

*Added new visualization, Grade Distribution
*Fixed some minor bugs
*Made abstract visualization class for creating visualizations by making classes witch extend it.
*Made visual_settings.php witch takes a visualization class and truns it in to XML witch flex can read in.
*Made flex visualization application read in XML formated settings as well as tab formated data from moodle and combind them to make a custom visualization.
*Made flex visualization application read and use langue strings from moodle.
*Added printer firendly tabTODO:
*Add more visualizations
*Refactor some of the flex/actionscript code
*More douctenation
*More UI functions for the flex application

MODIFY plugins/grade/report/visual/lib.php   Rev. 1.3   (+186 -59 lines)
MODIFY plugins/grade/report/visual/flare_visualization/   Rev. 1.3   (+383 -111 lines)
ADD plugins/grade/report/visual/visualizations/visualization.php   Rev. 1.1   (+0 -0 lines)
MODIFY plugins/grade/report/visual/flare_visualization.swf   Rev. 1.3   (+0 -0 lines)
MODIFY plugins/grade/report/visual/lang/en_utf8/gradereport_visual.php   Rev. 1.2   (+27 -0 lines)
MODIFY plugins/grade/report/visual/data.php   Rev. 1.2   (+5 -4 lines)
MODIFY plugins/grade/report/visual/index.php   Rev. 1.3   (+12 -3 lines)
MODIFY plugins/grade/report/visual/flare_visualization/   Rev. 1.3   (+33 -8 lines)
ADD plugins/grade/report/visual/visualizations/visual_grade_distribution.php   Rev. 1.1   (+0 -0 lines)
MODIFY plugins/grade/report/visual/flex.php   Rev. 1.3   (+23 -57 lines)
ADD plugins/grade/report/visual/visualizations/visual_grades_vs_students.php   Rev. 1.1   (+0 -0 lines)
ADD plugins/grade/report/visual/visual_settings.php   Rev. 1.1   (+0 -0 lines)
MODIFY plugins/grade/report/visual/tabs.php   Rev. 1.3   (+5 -0 lines)
DEL plugins/grade/report/visual/flare_visualization/.settings/Attic/org.eclipse.core.resources.prefs   Rev. 1.2   (+0 -0 lines)
MODIFY plugins/grade/report/visual/flare_visualization/bin-debug/flare_visualization.swf   Rev. 1.3   (+0 -0 lines)

*Fixed a minor bug in lib.php witch caused some problems geting a list of statistics used in the plug-in.

MODIFY plugins/grade/report/stats/lib.php   Rev. 1.5   (+13 -13 lines)

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