Screen Cast

After having tones of trouble with sound drivers and getting my mic to work i have finally been able to get sound in my screen cast and it uploaded.

You can view the flash version of the screen cast here:

This screen cast is a demo of the first version of the Moodle Grade Book stats and visual reports witch i worked on for Google Summer of Code.

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  1. Leo Says:

    Hi Daniel,
    I’m a poor programmer majoring in Micro Electronics who want to participate in this year’s GSoC. I’ve not any experience on open source development before but i’m completely attracted by the mechanism it worked on and by the kind people there. So i decide to give a shot on the GSoC. I now have exp on C/C++ programming and some knowledge on Perl. Would it be difficult for me to get passed through the proposal stage? Could you please give some advise on how to find an appropriate project
    and how to apply for it ?

    BTW, i’m Chinese student so please forgive my poor English.

    Sincerely looking for your reply.

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